Digital Design School

Our Vision

To empower youth with technology, so they can serve their community and work for humanity and also support their family.

Our Mission

IndusBits is making positive change to the lives of disadvantaged groups especially youth of Sindh. Reducing poverty through ICT Trainings

Who we are

IndusBits is a not-for-profit organization that started in the 2014 based in Jamshoro, Pakistan. We know that the youth are the future and our leaders of tomorrow. This however will not be possible if the youth are not equipped with relevant skills. Poverty is an enemy that we fight day in day out but how do we fight it? We at IndusBits are using technology to empower the youth from marginalized communities. We understand that education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world. Our work may just be a drop in the ocean but the truth is that the ocean will be less with that missing drop